Welcome to the website of the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance (SSIWPA)

SSIWPA was formed in 2013 in order to provide a framework for freshwater resources in the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area to be managed in a manner that integrates and considers both human and ecosystem needs through integrated planning, policy development and recommendations for implementation by member agencies and organizations.

SSIWPA advises on policies of regional, local, and provincial government organizations that are related to freshwater resources.

SSIWPA coordinates the implementation of those policies.

SSIWPA Steering Committee member agencies include:

  • Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee
  • Capital Regional District
  • British Columbia Ministry of Forests
  • Beddis Water Service Commission
  • Cedar Lane Water Service Commission
  • Cedars of Tuam Water Service Commission
  • Fulford Water Service Commission
  • Harbourview Improvement District
  • Scott Point Waterworks District

The First Nations Indigenous Governments whose unceded territories and watersheds include Salt Spring Island have been invited to participate in the SSIWPA Steering Committee and have elected to contribute to the mission of SSIWPA on a project basis. The Ministry of Water,  Land and Resource Stewardship, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy also participate/contribute to the mission of SSIWPA on a project basis.

Steering Committee member at-large organizations include:

  • Cusheon Lake Stewardship Committee (of Beddis and Cusheon Area Residents’ Association)
  • Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society
  • Salt Spring Island Conservancy
  • Salt Spring Agricultural Alliance
  • Transition Salt Spring Society


Click to read the SSIWPA Terms of Reference

In addition to the steering committee, SSIWPA benefits from the work of the SSIWPA Technical Working Group (TWG).

The purpose of the TWG is to provide scientific and technical support to the SSIWPA Steering Committee. The work of the TWG is directed by the Steering Committee and is directly related or integrated within the SSIWPA Workplan.

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