Technical Working Group

NameAgencyPosition & Expertise
Karla CampbellCapital Regional DistrictSenior Manager, Electoral Area
Ian PeaceMember at-largeEnvironment and Management Doctoral studies,
Resource management and survey career experience
John MillsonChairPh.D. Sedimentology Stratigraphic Geosciences
Julie Ann Ishikawa, on a project basisMinistry of Environment, and Climate Change StrategyHydrogeologist (MSc. Water Resource Management)
Jos LussenburgVice-ChairHydrology & Environmental Sciences; pollution assessment and remediation (BSc. Geography)
Ken NentwigMember at-largeAccredited Rainwater Harvesting Design and Standards Expert (ARCSA, CSA)
Lewis MuirheadMember at-largeEnvironmental Restoration, Environmental Science and Drinking Water Science and Operations
Robin Annschild, on a project basisMember at-largeBiologist, Wetland restoration, Conservation scientist, Species at-risk
William ShulbaIslands TrustP.Geo., Senior Freshwater Specialist, Licensed Scientific Officer

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