Technical Working Group

NameAgencyPosition & Expertise
Ian deBieMember at-largeCo-Chair, Aquatic Technologies, Entrepreneur (B.Sc. Geophysics & Geography)
Sylvia BarrosoMinistry Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural DevelopmentRegional Hydrogeologist, Water Protection (M.Sc.)
Fred BeallMember at-largeForest Hydrologist, (Ph.D., Plant Physiology)
Kevin ChipperfieldMember at-largeProfessional Agrologist, soil sciences (B.Sc. Agriculture)
Dale GreenCapital Regional DistrictSenior Environmental Science Officer, Environmental Protection (B.Sc., P. Chem.)
John MillsonMember at-largePh.D. Sedimentology Stratigraphic Geosciences
Julie Ann IshikawaMinistry of Environment, and Climate Change StrategyHydrogeologist (MSc. Water Resource Management)
Jos LussenburgMember at-largeHydrology & Environmental Sciences; pollution assessment and remediation (BSc. Geography)
Katsky VenterMember at-largeEnvironmental Site Manager (MSc. Zoology)

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