Technical Working Group

NameAgencyPosition & Expertise
Ian deBieMember at-largeAquatic Technologies, Entrepreneur (B.Sc. Geophysics & Geography)
Sylvia BarrosoMinistry Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural DevelopmentRegional Hydrogeologist, Water Protection (M.Sc.)
Fred BeallMember at-largeForest Hydrologist, (Ph.D., Plant Physiology)
Dale GreenCapital Regional DistrictSenior Environmental Science Officer, Environmental Protection (B.Sc., P. Chem.)
John MillsonChairPh.D. Sedimentology Stratigraphic Geosciences
Julie Ann IshikawaMinistry of Environment, and Climate Change StrategyHydrogeologist (MSc. Water Resource Management)
Jos LussenburgMember at-largeHydrology & Environmental Sciences; pollution assessment and remediation (BSc. Geography)
William ShulbaIslands TrustP.Geo., Senior Freshwater Specialist, Licensed Scientific Officer

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