Rainwater Harvesting Tour

Rainwater Harvesting Tour Coming Up!

September 25, 2022

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Virtual Rain Harvesting Tour!

*NEW Video Tour Site 6

This is a self-guided tour. There are four static presentations as digital tours developed by rainwater collectors. They feature different scales, solutions and innovations in rainwater harvesting and use. Also below on the virtual tour are three videos of three different Salt Spring Island rainwater systems.

Please click below on the Tour Site you wish to view:

Some of the links contain slideshows embedded as secondary links. Others are a video or images and descriptions directly on this website. The link will open in a new tab on your browser and you can come back here to click the next tour site link when you are ready to do so.

Tour Site 1: Rainbow Road Allotment Gardens

Tour Site 2: 155 Wildwood Crescent

Tour Site 3: “Eagle Hill” on Sun Eagle Drive

Tour Site 4: West Eagle Drive

Tour site 5 was in-person for 2021 only with Sharon Bywater

Tour Site 6: Harvesting the Rain for Outdoor Use – Shannon Cowan (Videography by Rob Lowrie)

Tour Site 7: Harvesting the Rain for Indoor Use – Tami and Fernando dos Santos (Videography by Rob Lowrie)

*Transition Salt Spring informal tour video: Harry Burton’s Apple Luscious Organic Orchard

(Videography by Rob Lowrie)

Questions? Contact the coordinator to coordinate getting your questions to the appropriate tour guide or local professional for reply.

Salt Spring Island Non-Potable Rainwater Harvesting Best Practices Guide

Click the link above! This Guide features everything you need to know about selecting and calculating the appropriate rainwater harvesting system for your needs. It’s had the benefit of up to date content input from professionals and local water researchers and specialists, including:


Thank you to the Virtual Rain Tour Partners, including:

Rainbow Road Allotment Gardens Group

Chris Dixon

Bruce Eggertson

Moe and Tali Wendt and their farm family

Sharon and Gary Bywater

Transition Salt Spring and Harry Burton

Fernando and Tami dos Santos

Shannon Cowan

SSIWPA appreciates the hosts, Sharon Bywater, Suzanne Chamney, previous tour coordinators, the SSI Water Council, and the SSI Water Preservation Society.