Rainwater Project

The Rainwater project aims to:

  • promote rainwater harvesting
  • increase the number of successful rainwater use installations
  • track the new island rainwater annual storage volume added between 2021-2026
  • increase freshwater sustainability in the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area

Rainwater Project Educational materials:


Announcing the Rainwater System Tour – September 25, 2022!

released July 28, 2022

Harvesting the Rain for Indoor Use: Video

released April 4, 2022

Harvesting the Rain for Outdoor Use: Video

released March 22, 2022

Salt Spring Island Non-Potable Rainwater Harvesting Guide

released September, 2020

Virtual Rainwater Harvesting Tour 2020 on Salt Spring Island

released August, 2020


released March, 2020

Rain Resources Blog

This is a series of posts about aspects of collecting, storing, distributing and using rainwater as a source for non-potable use in the Salish Sea Island communities, British Columbia.